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Formulation systems
Labman has manufactured formulation systems for a wide variety of industries including coatings, food, pharmaceutical, adhesives and home products.
The systems typically include a variety of liquid handling technologies and often a number of different solids handling techniques. Most systems also include heating, chilling, capping, barcode tracking and some method of mixing. Systems can also include sub-sampling and analysis of the completed formulation. Normally all dispensing is performed gravimetrically using 4 or 5 place analytical balances. We have listed some typical techniques employed in formulations system but each system to date has always required some novel aspect to full meet the customer's requirements. In 2006 Labman installed and commissioned a high throughput viscous liquids dispensing system in the UK. The system is capable of preparing 700 formulations every 24 hours, each formulation typically having 5 additions. The system dispenses liquids with viscosities up to 80 000cps. All additions are performed gravimetrically giving actual confirmation of dispensed weight. The standard deviation for dispense error is < 4mg. Samples are prepared in 24 position well plates and automatically sealed after the plate is complete. The system is installed with comprehensive software giving the operator numerous tools for planning and managing campaigns.
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