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Liquid handling systems
In many laboratory processes liquid handling is either the basis of a system or forms part of a process. Labman Automation has built many liquid handling systems that fall into both of these categories. Using both standard and novel techniques in handling liquids of all kinds, Labman has produced solutions to meet almost every requirement.

Automated sample preparation

This system, installed in 2006, prepares samples ready for injection into an HPLC/MS analyser. Septum sealed tubes have liquid preservative and an inert gas injected into them. Tubes are tare weighed before various samples are dispensed into them and then reweighed to ascertain the amount of sample added. The contents of each tube are mixed and further reagent is added. The samples are re-homogenised before being filtered and dispensed into GC vials.

Blood reformatter

In 2008 Labman commissioned a second blood plasma reformatting robot for Sheffield University Medical Department. It decaps tubes containing blood sample, reformats the sample into chilled Micronic racks and recaps the sample tube. The system has capacity for 96 input vials and 20x96 output Micronic vials. The system uses barcodes to track each input and output tube allowing integration to a LIMS system.

Automated Product Anlysis Robot

Labman has, during mid 2008, commissioned a fluid products analysis robot to perform multiple measurements on liquid samples. This is one of Labman's larger systems and was designed from the start to have the capacity for additional instruments. The first phase was to integrate an Anton Paar Automated Rheometer. The rheometer has its own carousel for storing samples and the Labman robot is used to prepare the samples and load/unload its carousel. The Labman robot controls the operations of the rheometer, this includes the indexing of the sample carousel, the measurement protocols and the washing/cleanup methods. All sample data and measurement details are received from the customers LIMS and then returned with the analysis data once the sample has been processed.

The robot can be used in one of two modes. In mode 1 the operator loads the robot with sample cups that are pre-filled with sample, the robot then loads and unloads them into the rheometer and performs the analysis. In mode 2 the operator loads the robot with empty samples cups and pre-filled disposable syringe barrels. The robot picks the syringe barrel, decaps it, dispenses the sample into a rheometer cup, recaps the syringe barrel and then loads/unloads the rheometer as in mode 1.

W swojej dotychczasowej działalności Labman skonstruował wiele systemów obsługujących produkty płynne, wykorzystując dostępne technologie oraz opracowując swoje własne nowatorskie rozwiązania.

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