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Laboratory systems

We deliver innovative solutions for lab automation. We are the exlusive representatives of Labman Automation, the company that has been designing and implementing bespoke robots for 25 years. Labman solutions considerably enhance the productivity of laboratory processes and reduce labour costs. The robots have been used worldwide.
We also offer high quality lab equipment for both medical and industrial laboratories. We represent Lab Armor who produce thermal beads and bead baths that replace traditional water baths.


Lab automation

We are the exclusive Polish representatives of Labman Automation UK, the company which has been designing and implementing bespoke robots in various industries for 25 years.


Labman Automation is the UK based company that has been designing and installing bespoke robots for 25 years. Using experience from any industrial sector Labman is adept at quickly assimilating varied customer requirements – from highly regulated pharma to blue sky academic research systems. To improve sample analysis in paint industry Labman has designed TIDAS – the automated Hegman grind gauge.

Lab mixer SpeedMixer™

Lab mixer to mix matierals of high viscosity. Site under construction

Lab Armor bead baths

Lab bead baths are filled with thermal beads – dry, thermal metal alloy. It is a patented solution designed by Lab Armor. Bead baths eliminate all drawbacks of traditional water baths as beads cut off major contamination source and eliminate routine maintenance.

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