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Lab automation

Each automated system is designed specifically for the planned workflow and may incorporate a number of different hardware modules. In other words, the robot is shaped around your workflow and not the other way round.

The benefits of automation:

  • high throughput and productivity – the system can work 24/7 without much of a human intervention,
  • accurate dispensing and repeatability – smaller sample size and less waste,
  • each system fitted uniquely to the customer’s specifications.
  • cost reduction – products created faster and more effectively, the time of new product formulation is considerably shorter,
  • full traceability.

If you are interested in automating any of your processes, however complex it may be, contact us. We are ready to advise you.



Water and waste analysis systems

Plant Genetics and Biofuels Research Systems

Drug discovery & well plate automation

Formulation systems

Instrument integration

Liquid handling systems

Powder feeding

Weighing systems

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